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Herschel Dawson Black & White Stripes

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Herschel Dawson bags are like a baby offspring of their world renowned Little America backpacks. Available in several colors, it’s easy to match the needs of both today’s youth and yesterday’s adults as well.
Comes with a solid and comfortable shoulder strap that can be adjusted to sit well on your back. The two outer pockets are practical and easy to reach, and even though they look the have leather buckles on them, worry not, they actually lock using strong magnets underneath the buckles so you won’t need to fiddle at all!
The main compartment is same as the other bags, and can easily be open and closed by a single string. Despite the small size of the backpack, you can comfortably fit your Macbook in the padded laptop holder in the back and still have enough space for your daily essentials.

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