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Anello Classic Navy Blue

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Anello hasn’t been around for too long, so it’s not for their retro being that they’re with us, but rather for being trend-setters when it comes to good looking, well coloured bags that took the world market by the storm since 2005. They’re designed and made in Japan, occasionally in the Philippines and Vietnam as well, and we stock several colours of them on Retro Bags.

These bags are highly functional, don’t let yourself be fooled. They come with two straps so you can carry them around as a backpack, but have proper handles and a design that turns them into a tote bag anytime you wish to switch around. As for space, they’re 40cm in height and 20 in depth, fitting a good number of items in there along with your Macbook Pro, books, water, couple clothes and other small items.

With the zipper on top and the switch to a tote bag, these bags are designed for ladies mostly, but hey, we’re not going to tell you how to define your own fashion! Select a colour and enjoy! ?

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