Fjallraven: Re-Kanken

Times are changing and as much as people love the Fjallraven Kanken Classic, today’s youth becomes more and more conscious of their surroundings, their environment and their impact on nature. This is where the Re-Kanken comes in!

The Re-Kanken is all the Kanken Classic is: stylish, strong, practical AND cares about the environment! It’s made of 100% recyclable fabric, each of the threads building up the bag is made of recycled PET bottles making the bag a staggering 95% of recycled materials. The production process saves water, and should you dispose of it, it will be gentle on nature as well.

This one only comes in 12 carefully selected low-impact colors and they look great with an embossed, slightly darker logo on the front side of the bag!

Fjallraven Re-Kanken Backpacks

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